How to Find Comfort in the Grieving Process

In this month’s selection of literature, the memoir genre is represented well by numerous famous authors. Maggie Smith’s poignant and poetic book You Could Make This Place Beautiful is a poignant account of the end of a marriage and the beginning of a brand new chapter. Nicole Chung’s book A Living Remedy recounts the loss of her parents, and reveals how America is still divided. Ava Chin, a New York City-based writer, is inviting readers to join her in uncovering the hidden history of her family’s past through the city’s Chinatown. The memoirs will not be the only ones that will be available. Some other notable fiction writers, such as Gayl Jones, who wrote Butter as well as Izumi Suzu’s recently translated book Hit Parade of Tears, are also coming to New York City later this month.

Explore the unique and unusual in the most literary of April’s works. Nicole Chung, eminent TIME contributor, releases her second memoir The Living Remedy (April ) This book completes her prior work, All You Can Ever Know, which was released in . All You Can Ever Know was about Chung’s search for her family members (Korean immigrants living in Seattle) The second memoir, The Living Remedy focuses on her struggle with her parents who were adopted which are they are a Caucasian couple hailing from Oregon. In , Chung lost her father to diabetes and kidney disease when the age of his death was. In less than a year, her mother passed away of complications after undergoing an operation. Chung tells her honest account of her struggle with identity crisis and loss.

Who is involved with political activities, and is entangled with the Palestinian struggle for self-determination. Hammad’s words are evocative and imbued with a deep perception of time and place, making Enter Ghost a compelling and thought-provoking reader.

Mariam is an enthusiastic and enthusiastic director of theatre who welcomes Sonia in her Hamlet production. Alongside a team of actors from different regions of the historic Palestine, Sonia lands herself as the lead character in Hamlet. Through Enter Ghost, Mariam’s work depicts relevant themes about the human condition and perseverance in times of conflict, using art as an effective tool. Gayl Jones, following the success of Palmares, her novel which was a finalist of the Pulitzer Prize after a two-decade break, will be back to the scene with a collection of short stories, which includes two novellas called Butter. due out on April th.

A British photographer is reunited with her daughter, who’s also a photographer. They plans to have her photo taken by her. Sophia is a story told in a novella of Sophia’s life in Mexico and the leftist revolutionaries. She leaves America and travels to Spain and begins a new tale named Sophia. Butter is the collection of tales about those who sing in order to navigate a multiracial society. Susanna Moore’s eighth novel is The Lost Wife. It is the story of Sarah Browne (age 8) seeking love.

Sarah flew away from the cruelty of her father in Rhode Island, and moved to Minnesota Territory in the hopes to find peace in a friendship with the best of her childhood. However, when she arrived, Sarah discovered that her loved one had passed away which forced her to start fresh. Unfazed, she got married and this time with one of the doctors in town, and with whom she bore two children. Within the Sioux Reservations, she made close connections with females. Sarah together with her children as well as her entire family members were taken captive at the hands of the Federal government after the Sioux Uprising. This was due to the failure by the government in honoring their promise to pay the tribe. Fortunately, the Sioux provided them with a safe haven, and as a result, Sarah began to empathize with her captors. Sarah was able to seamlessly integrate into the grey zone between her worlds.


They not only offer unique perspectives and insight into different cultural and personal experiences, but showcase the power and beauty of art through different styles. Whether it be through writing, photography, or even singing they find ways to express themselves and connect with other people through meaningful means. As we continue to navigate a world that is constantly moving and evolving and evolving, it’s important to appreciate and celebrate the diversity of human life and the richness of creativity and expression of the arts.

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