How a Serial Killer Eluded Capture For Over Two Decades and Then Was Finally Captured in Nepal

Charles Sobhraj, a 78-year-old French citizen, recently been admitted to France following his execution of a life sentence in Nepal. In connection with his part in the murder of numerous travellers from Canada and the USA in the 1970s serial killer has been in jail for life in Nepal for the last three years. Sobhraj was in Paris on the weekend, via Qatar, aboard a flight from Nepal. His French lawyer, Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, confirmed the information according to The Associated Press. When he arrives It is anticipated that Sobhraj could be a target of legal actions in Paris due to his prior criminal offenses.

A Quick Review

Charles Sobhraj’s history is a turbulent one. His life story and his various crimes have made him the most sought-after persona in the media. It is essential that we pay homage to the relatives of the victims while Sobhraj travels to Paris. We should also make use of this occasion to express our support and love to grieving families. Sobhraj’s tragic story shows just the importance of people to stay vigilant regarding crimes committed abroad, particularly in cases that involve vulnerable individuals like travellers.

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