Exploring the Influences of Blues Music in Guthrie’s “Blues for an Ala”

It was necessary to think on the importance of friendships and pledge to never forget them because of the ongoing epidemic. The song by Pearl Cleage is “Blues to an Alabama sky” is a poignant dedication to friendship, and a reminds us be determined to reach our dreams and remain safe during difficult moments. The play is performed with awe by the Guthrie Theatre, which combines extraordinary playwriting and outstanding acting.

The show featured five actors, who were depicted with vibrant colours. The actors were also drawn with a compelling and convincing way. The tale traces the complicated lives of four African-American Harlem residents , who are determined to improve their lives within a vibrant and vibrant neighborhood of music, literature and social activism. While we witness the main characters as their dreams come true and the viewers are pulled in the story. The main four characters of the film are residents of an apartment block located in New York. Angel is a DJ with ______________.

Angel is known to become angry and drink alcohol. Angel also has an unhealthy dependence on security. Angel’s primary pillar Guy who is a homosexual who dreams of becoming an actor. Delia is an social worker that wants to establish a clinic for family planning. Sam, an employee of the Harlem hospital, assists her. Angel is brought to Leland one of the immigrants from South America, in order to attain peace. But their different circumstances make them suspicious of being partners. Cleage wrote a compelling story that pulsates in spite of these possible difficulties.

The production transports viewers to a thrilling, yet uncertain period in American the past. The show is about the huge migration of Southern Africans from the South into the North and the result was Harlem becoming an internationally renowned local cultural center. Blues for an Alabama Sky’s members, in spite of the increasing problems with finances caused by the Great Depression and their desire to be free, find Harlem is the place that they are able to call their home. They get to meet famous people like Reverend Adam Clayton Powell and Langston Hughes. Josephine Baker, a cabaret performer, is a model. Angel is the subject of the story.

The power of her performances is just as intense as the club’s glowing neon. However, she also creates the perfect environment where her wounded spirit shines through. The character of Lamar Jefferson’s Guy is the only one that can equal her talent. The actor depicts Guy as a persona of charm, intelligence and integrity. Jefferson shows a vulnerable and calm demeanor. Brittany Bellizeare plays Delia, an affable, yet strong and a shrewd Stephen Conrad Moore is Sam’s diplomat doctor. Every member of the team provides the right factors for genuine camaraderie between these four friends. Darius Jordan Lee rounds out the ensemble.

Lawrence E. Moten III’s stage is an exquisite blend of idea and design for the numerous intricate streets and apartment buildings which will be the stage. Sarita Fellows’ costume display an incredible attention to details, with a flamboyance that brings the show to life. Each of these aspects contributes in “Blues of an Alabama Sky’s” immersion, which make the world to be more real. Rob Hubbard is available to contact via his email address at wordhub@yahoo.com. “BLUES to an Alabama Sky” can be purchased in the Guthrie Theater on Second St. S. in Minneapolis between March and April. The prices start at $-$.


The ensemble of Blue Door portrays the characters with an authenticity and humour that is not often seen in this kind of movie. They bring their unique personal characteristics to the show that allows them to examine every aspect of human nature, including joy, contentment and anxiety and uncertainty. It is possible to look what’s behind the masks that they wear and gain glimpses of their true selves by watching their performance. Blue Door shows how friendship is able to overcome even the most difficult situations in our lives.

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