Exploring the Different Artistic Styles Represented in Anno Domini Gallery

Anno Domini’s co-founder, the co-founder, Ms. Cherri lakey, has not met Mr. Zack Luchetti. He is an artist, teacher and artist from Oakland who was a student of Barron Storey (illustrator at San Jose State). The work he created was so amazing that her and her friend Mr. Brian Eder, decided to put together a tribute exhibit in his honor as part of this week’s South FirstFridays walking art that will take place in downtown San Jose. It’s unfortunate that Luchetti isn’t able to be present at the show. He died from colon cancer at age of living in Murphys and where he’d taught for a while.

The year before, Anno Domini held a retrospective of Storey’s work dating back to his “golden years” as well as Cathy Luchetti, Zack’s mother, attended the showing due to her son’s admiration for the teacher he used to be. Upon her arrival, she inquired if the gallery on S. First St. could be interested in hosting her son’s art. Lakey commented that “Typically for submitted artworks, they’re never the right fit. But this was an incredible piece.” Lakey commented that Zack’s unique perception of the world and its inhabitants, along with his work in the BART Station and at various other venues make his work distinct in comparison to other submissions.

The performance was truly distinguished. Its name derives from a painting of an individual who is illuminating the wolves using an electric lightbulb. It is the efforts of Luchetti the elementary teacher in order to pass on wisdom to the students who refuse to listen. His other vivid works draw similarity to the work of Pablo Picasso, surrealist Salvador Dali, the muralist Diego Rivera, and even underground cartoonist R. Crumb; however their amalgamation is different from the point of view of Luchetti. Lakey declared that they were “amazingly complex.” “His work is full of layers of significance. These are the works that truly stirred my heart.

The annual South First Fridays Art Walk is now expanding in scope and now includes Fountain Alley and Martha Gardens in addition to the SoFA District is held from pm to pm at several venues. An up-to-date listing of this week’s events, as well as a downloadable map, can be located on the website www.southfirstfridays.com. Some highlights for this week are a reception to celebrate “Me Earth” the exhibition featuring works by artist Vietnamese-American Tuan Tran who uses found objects in his art as well as at Chopsticks Alley, the Asian Fusion Art Collective located in the brand-new Open San Jose space at S. Second St.

The final opportunity to experience “Pertencer:To Belong” in the MACLA gallery is Thursday, March 31. The exhibition offers a range of pieces from more than local artists and can be previewed in greater detail at www.workssanjose.org. In addition, Open San Jose will present a fashion exhibit featuring the designs by one of the tenants at : p.m. The show will be held to prepare for the march community auction of art.

Due to the higher possibility of rainy weather this Saturday, Bank of America cardholders could make wise use of their time indoors; as it is the commencement of the month, they are qualified for free admission to various cultural venues which include Tech Interactive, the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, San Jose Museum of Art as well as Tech Interactive, courtesy of the “Museums on Us” program. This weekend is the time to see the emergence of works of art that are not accessible to the public. It includes Pilar Aguero–Esparza and Rayos Magos as well as Kristina Mikotti, Hector Munoz-Guzman, Kristina, Kristina, Kristina, Kristina, Kristina, Vanessa Wallace-Gonzales, Jennifer White-Johnson and Hector Munoz–Guzman.

Everyone can learn from one another.

In the final days of its run, the art exhibit “Pertencer: to Belong” located at MACLA Gallery will be closing. The gallery gives artists in San Jose a platform to showcase their work. Open San Jose will host an exhibition of fashion along with one its tenants. These two events give participants the chance to experience the creativity and talent in San Jose. San Jose area. In the nick of time, with only a few days to go on this exhibit anyone who attends should take note of these incredible experiences prior to it closes on the 25th of March, 2021.

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