What Should Be Included In A Home Based Travel Agency Agreement?

How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency has been written especially for those interested in a full-fledged guide on all aspects of beginning a home-based travel agency. The book concentrates mainly on implementing a smooth startup procedure and developing a profitable business idea. The author has also done his bit of sharing by sharing the five most important rules that any good traveling agent must know. So, what is in store for those who would like to know how to start a home based travel agency?

A home-based travel agency is obviously going to have its own set of employees. This would include both agents and customer care representatives. As far as this is concerned, the travel agents can be recruited directly or through other means. Recruitment can either be direct or through various indirect means. Direct recruitment entail getting hold of members of the travel community through advertisements in newspapers, direct interaction with hotel and travel industry groups and directly approaching the families of the customers. Indirect recruitment methods entail looking up different community organizations, contacting trade unions and other relevant organizations and so on.

It is imperative that travel agents keep their clientele updated about their availability. They should post their latest destinations and frequencies on their website. If a client wants to take a particular tour at a certain time, it is advisable that the requests for information this day itself. Some clients would want to know when exactly they will be visiting Paris, London or New York. A travel agent’s duty is to inform such clients and to advise them accordingly.

Another duty of the travel agent is to ensure proper organization of tickets and schedules. This is crucial to ensuring that customers receive the best possible services. Scheduling the trip and ensuring that no customers miss out on their desired destinations are very crucial factors. Clients will be looking to travel to these places at a specific time. Hence, having in mind the travel needs of their customers is very important.

One more duty that travel agents have been to offer a guarantee to their customers. The guarantee should ensure that the customer will be satisfied with their services. Some companies offer a three to five year guarantee. This implies that if the customer does not like his/her experience he/she can ask for a refund within this period. It is important to offer this guarantee because otherwise clients may not be confident in traveling with you.

A travel agency can be started by anyone who has a love for travel and knows how to find the best deals for his/her clients. Starting a home based travel agency is a very good opportunity to earn an extra income. There is no licence required as well. You do not even need to have a degree or special qualifications to start a travel agency.

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