Wedding Venues in Delhi – Make Your Guests Feel Right at Home

From farm to the banquet hall and hotel to the resort, many have already set up the very best wedding venues in Delhi / NCR to make your planning hassle-free: The very first thing that anyone seeking a wedding venue for Delhi should look out for is the convenience. Choosing a venue that is centrally located, where you can just walk for a few minutes to reach it; will definitely make your wedding planning a lot easier. Not only will you get an easily accessible venue, but it will be a place that is decorated tastefully and is furnished in a royal manner. This is what makes people opt for wedding venues in Delhi / NCR – the ambience and the decoration. But these things are not enough for a wedding, one must also look at other things like the facility they provide, the number of guests they can accommodate and the quality of the preparations for the wedding ceremony / reception.

The venues in Delhi / NCR, that can work well with your wedding date and guest list is huge: If you have a large wedding date and a big guest list, then choosing from a wide range of venues will not do. You can get a venue for your wedding ceremony in Delhi / NCR, that can accommodate more than 1000 guests. It is a fact that not every venue has the capability of doing so. This is something that you will have to check before zeroing-in on a particular venue. Most of the guest houses / restaurants / banquet halls in Delhi / NCR have the capacity to handle such large gatherings, but one should always check their actual capacity.

In Delhi / NCR, most of the venues have the luxury of providing catering services to their clients; but one should inquire about their specific catering plans before zeroing-in on one. Generally, the smaller venues cater breakfast / lunch, dinner and drinks. There may be some that also offer buffet services. Depending on your guest list, you can choose whether you want a sit down dinner or buffet.

If you are looking for wedding venues in Delhi, NCR where there are plenty of venues, then you should look into the smaller ones. Some of the smaller venues are: Badami Debram, Sarojini Nagar, Saket, Udaipur, Mandawa, Jhilam, Aurangabad and others. In all these small places only around a hundred or so guest rooms are available for rent. However, these venues can still be ideal for your purposes because they can house all your guests at the same time; you can hold your wedding ceremony, reception and other events at the same time.

There are also some major Delhi wedding venues for holding banquets. These venues are: Chanakya Hall, Deccan Gymkhana, Maratha hall, Yamrao Banquet & Dance Palace, Jantar Mantar, Raj Mahal Palace, Vrindavan Palace, and many more. All these venues offer services for all kinds of events from banquets to weddings and other parties. The prices vary depending on the type of service you wish to avail.

Another option for finding the best wedding venues in Delhi or NCR is to contact any one of the well-known tour, travel and leisure agencies. These agencies have many options for venues from where you can hire from. Most of these agents have their own team of professionals who will guide you to find the best venue and services that suit your needs perfectly. You can take their advice on where to hold your function and can get their reservations done easily.

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