Top 10 Most Popular Theories on What Will Happen in Yellowjackets Season 2

As Yellowjackets arrived on Showtime on 2021 it swiftly became one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed series on TV. The series, which was a psychological horror and come-of-age drama told the tale of a New Jersey high-school soccer team that is entangled in mysterious forest on their way to winning the national title.

1. Lottie is The Antler Queen

Lottie Matthews (also known as Courtney Eaton), started at a low level, but then rose to prominence. It was at this point that she began experiencing visions that she found to be both terrifying and accurate , as her mental condition was getting worse.

In fact, she even convinced a bear to offer itself up in exchange for food. This is both an unanticipated and chilling turn of the events. It’s unclear if these are a consequence of her own mental state or merely an supernatural power at work is unclear, but by the conclusion of season one, she’d become an unofficial leader of the survivors.

Season 2 appears to show that she has increased her influence almost every victim bows down in order to receive her guidance or approval. This could mean anything, but it certainly creates an intriguing storyline.

2. Jackie is a time-traveler

The Yellowjackets supporters have been proclaiming that Jackie (Ella Purnell) is a time-traveler. The idea is inspired by scenes in the season premiere that a mysterious lady runs through the wilderness and is then a meal for desperate Yellowjackets.

The creators of the show as well as the executive producers Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson have confirmed that Jackie is not a traveler.

Jackie passed away from the very first winter snow, which was caused by her dream sequence during which she returned to her home. In the aftermath of an argument between herself and Shauna Lynskey (Melanie Lynskey) and she is frozen to her death.

3. Adam is Javi

Yellowjackets offers a thrilling ride each week, ranging from terrifying terrors to teenage tensions over cliques to adults trying to cope with the trauma of their lives.

Even though the story is more supernaturally-based than realistic, Shauna’s friends aren’t without mystery. Similar to Taissa’s faceless adult at the end of the mirror or the Lottie’s French séance ghosts, there’s just something mysterious about the entire thing.

Many have speculated that Shauna’s lover Adam (Peter Gadiot) may be Javi Martinez, Coach Martinez’s younger son, who was in the wilderness among Shauna as well as the other girls out in the wilderness. This theory is most likely idea of all because there are plenty of reasons to believe it’s valid.

4. Misty is a serial killer

Misty an equipment manager who was bullied at school by classmates and snubbed. Following the crash of the plane, her first aid skills were essential to those who survived and she saved the life of Ben Scott by cutting off his damaged leg.

They were able to survive because of her knowledge and skills. When two survivors expressed gratitude for the help she provided, she shut off the emergency locator signal on the plane, making it difficult for rescuers.

As the show progresses, Misty attempts to murder Jessica Roberts by placing fentanyl inside her cigarettes. The show mentions that she might be responsible for killing a few individuals. Season 2 is expected to be a thrilling one for the fans. Below are some theories that have circulated online over the years.

5. Shauna is in possession

Even though Shauna has a reluctance to speak about her thoughts, the fact that she’s haunted by Jackie can be considered one of the top theories in this season. It’s logical, due to her traumatizing past, and the fact that it makes sense for her to be haunted and later on, haunted by her dead teammate.

It’s also the only way to explain the reasons Jackie did not die by the wolves in 2021. Her body froze up to death as she was lying outside during a snowstorm.

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