The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Vacation During the Pacific’s Unforgettable Low Season

The Pacific famous for its gorgeous tropical islands and world class diving, is one of planet’s most breathtaking destinations. The best time to visit is in the dry season, there are also certain months that aren’t as busy and can be more economical cost.

The summer months that are the most hot in the South Pacific are June, July, and August. They offer plenty sun and gorgeous colors. You can also enjoy activities for only during this time, like diving with dolphins in Fiji or whale-spotting Tonga.

June – August

If you’re thinking of visiting the Pacific Islands, then you’ll be delighted to discover that there is actually an unexplored season that’s in fact the most ideal time to visit. It’s known locally as “El Veranillo de San Juan’ and it has a lot to offer tourists.

In this time, it is a stable weather, with the risk of rain and extremely pleasant temperatures. The water visibility is good and the number of tourists is lower so it is an excellent opportunity to explore these stunning spots.

Rarotonga’s dry season is from May until October. The climate is pleasant and is ideal to take in some Polynesian tradition. Tahiti also has an unseasonably dry time and is a popular time to travel to the island since there are a lot of Polynesian events taking place.


If you’re in search of a beach getaway, the Pacific Islands are unbeatable. Their warm tropical weather ensures you can enjoy a sun-soaked holiday whenever you’d like However, there are instances when island time could be even more blissful.

This is a season with little recognition. temperatures are milder and the visibility of water is improved — great for diving, swimming and exploring the inside. It’s also a great time to check out festivals across the globe, like Heiva Nui in French Polynesia and the Heilala Festival in Tonga.

While rainy seasons are more likely to take place between May and September, between October and November, they are warm dry, consistent and dry -an ideal time to explore the islands. There are lower prices and there are fewer tourists — so you can take advantage of your South Pacific adventure.

It’s also an excellent time to spot whales, due to the fact that these beautiful animals are most active in the waters around Tonga and Fiji in August. You can spot several species like minke whales, blue whales, and even minke whales.

The months of December through February

It’s not widely known where the tropical sun shines brightest with plenty of sunshine and warm waters. Also, whale-watching season gets underway If that’s what you’re seeking, this is the best time to go!

For those who want to stay away from crowds and have the experience at a lower cost, February to March is an excellent time. While it’s very hot, and temperatures can reach the 30s or higher, the weather is cooler than during summer.

Also, you can swim at any time and not worry about getting hypothermic. Also, the air may be a bit chilly in the night, so be sure to pack a sweater or light coat.

If you are a fan of beaches and taking part in lively occasions, this is your perfect time to go to California. It’s a fantastic opportunity to visit California if you want to see the free music festivals which take to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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