A Look at How the Coaching Strategies Shaped Indiana’s OT Win Over Michigan

In the OT victory to beat Michigan The Hoosiers kept their best for this game. Trayce Jackson-Davis had 28 points and Jalen Hood-Schifino tallied 21 to help lead Indiana in a 62-61 win with a score of 62-61 at Assembly Hall on Saturday.

The defeat puts the Wolverines at 4-12 on games decided by six points or fewer in overtime. To be eligible for the NCAAs, the team will have to be victorious at in the Big Ten Tournament again.

Trayce Jackson – Davis

Trayce Jackson-Davis, the Indiana Hoosiers’ senior forward played a major role in saving the best players of the team to last. When they trailed by as much as seven points in the second quarter, IU struck a few late shots to tie the match and take it into overtime.

The 6-foot-8 Jackson-Davis, a center, was prominent on IU’s front court this season, and should play an important role in the coming season. He could be an offensive player or a sixth man according to Miller’s plans regarding his frontcourt.

His reputation is also one of being a selfless player and always looking to help his fellow teammates. This dedication to his teammates has led him to become a highly respected part of the Hoosier team.

Jalen Hood-Schifino

Jalen Hood and Schifino are five-stars on On3 who have elevated their game up a notch over the last three months. His performance has improved at every level, including high scores of double-digits in 19 out of 20 games and more than one triple over eight games.

The player has also enhanced his skills in decision-making which is a major reason behind that success. The eyes of the player are sharp enough to be able to discern passing lanes and he can make one-handed passes while using both left and right hands.

By utilizing top players like Jackson-Davis and Hood-Schifino, Indiana made use of its limited lineup to advantage on Saturday night. Woodson reduced his roster to play just seven Hoosiers with the rest of the team, leaving it for the pair to show their brilliance. With a raucous public, they won winning against a top-25 opponent. The Hoosiers will likely have their rank rise an echelon as they try to take back control of their place in the Big Ten and make a bid for an NCAA Tournament berth.

Race Thompson

Race Thompson was devastated to believe that his Indiana career was done. He wasn’t certain whether he’d ever able to wear the cream-crimson uniform. Then he came back on Sunday and it was memorable.

The forward who was playing with only 12 minutes left in regulation and his team trailing by 12 points, took throughout the game. He scored 14 points, 8 rebounds and 3 steals.

In overtime in overtime, he scored some key plays that ultimately made the difference in the final score for the Hoosiers. He stripped Michigan Junior center Hunter Dickinson of the ball and forced him to make a mistake with just 29 seconds remaining in the game.

Race Thompson took a Terrance Williams II pass to make three. This allowed Michigan to narrow its deficit by just one point. Juwan Howard called a timeout in the final 44 seconds, but the Hoosiers weren’t going to let up. They slowed the Wolverines’ offense to ashes, scoring just eight second-half scores while holding Michigan down to just six points over their last seven possessions.

Miller Kopp

Kopp’s dramaticlast-minute shot gave Indiana victory and secured a double bye at this week’s Big Ten Tournament. In overtime, Kopp hit a 2-point shot that was initially called a 3 pointer. Kopp was able to score Indiana’s six first-period points as Indiana rallied for victory 75-73.

Miller Kopp may not be the most interesting player in the Indiana roster but he’s still important to the team’s offense. Miller Kopp has also put in a lot of work in the defensive wing in preventing the opposition from taking more shots than they would have otherwise.

Woodson was benched by Kopp during the game, but the junior forward made a huge impact as he stepped back into. He went 0-5 from 3-point range . He was struggling in his attempt to hit the ball and he finally drained the two of his 3 attempts late in the game. Additionally, he served as an effective facilitator to his fellow Hoosiers. Six assists were given on the night Indiana had trouble shooting from the floor.

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